The end of a tenancy

It always pays to be one step ahead so during the course of a tenancy, we will liaise with you to find out what you wish to do when the tenancy ends, you may wish to renew the tenancy to the same tenant or re-market the property. In either case, we can help you with the procedures involved, review the rental level, and serve the appropriate notice(s) if required. If instructed to re-let your property, we will re-market it in good time to ensure that a new tenancy commences as soon as possible. At the end of the tenancy we will arrange for the inventory to be checked. If deductions from the deposit held are appropriate, both landlord and tenant will need to agree the amounts involved – we will offer you further advice on the procedures at this stage. It is usual to meet the tenant on the last day of the tenancy to inspect the property and contents and note any missing or damaged items. If we are managing the tenancy then we will conduct this check-out inspection on your behalf and advise you of our findings (we do not test appliances). You should not expect to move back into the property on the next day in case the tenant is delayed unexpectedly and is unable to move out as planned. Sometimes it may be necessary to have cleaning or other minor work carried out before the property may be handed over. We recommend that you allow at least five days after the tenant vacates for any outstanding jobs to be completed.
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