Preparing your property for a suitable tenant


In order to attract the most suitable tenant at the most favorable rental, it’s important your property is presented in the best possible condition. This means making good any small decorative defects or marks which detract from the appearance of the property.


Decorative and cleaning

Sometimes it may be advisable to redecorate individual rooms or even the entire property to ensure that the best possible standard is set. It is also essential to leave the property thoroughly clean in order to set the standard of care required from the tenant. It’s often a good idea to have the property professionally cleaned including the carpets.


Gardens and the exterior

It’s also important that the garden is left in a good condition and well maintained. If there is grass you should provide a lawnmower suitable for the size of the lawn. The tenant will be responsible for maintaining the lawn and keeping the garden weed free, but any large hedges or trees may require special attention for which the tenant is not usually liable.


If you have extensive gardens or a garden containing any rare plants or valuable shrubs which need special care, you may wish to consider making a garden maintenance arrangement; this will need to be met at your own expense.


The garage should be swept clean and left empty other than with items provided for the tenants use (i.e. gardening equipment,lawnmower etc.)

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